Developers Say Voting Machines are Ripe for Hacking

Evans Data社は、世界中のソフトウェア開発者とハッカーにインタビューを行い、82%ものこれら技術者がハッキングが可能であると、77%は選挙を違法操作(投票機に侵入して操作)することができ、60%以上の人は選挙の操作が実際に成功していると確信していると述べている。

Santa Cruz, CALIF. (March 31, 2021) – Electronic voting machines use software and are often connected to the internet. This is the perfect scenario for a hacker to exploit the technology. Developers (and hackers) weighed in on the topic of election hacking during comprehensive interviews conducted of English-speaking developers worldwide. The result of these interviews found that 82% of developers worldwide agree that electronic voting machines are hackable. So, if voting machines are hackable, are hackers interested enough in manipulating elections to actually hack voting machines? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

More than 77% of the worldwide developer population believe hackers are trying to manipulate elections. A little over two-thirds of developers believe that hackers have indeed successfully manipulated elections. This, of course, is incredibly alarming. Hackers around the globe concluded that there is very little that can be done to avoid hacking electronic voting machines. Their only recommendation is for all voting machines to produce a paper record.

These findings, along with other statistically sound insights, can be found in the just-released Evans Data Corporation Developer Marketing Survey Report. The report gives a comprehensive view of the attitudes, adoption patterns and intentions of those actively involved with developing a variety of applications. The Developer Marketing Survey Report consists of in-depth interviews conducted with active, English-speaking developers providing a margin of error of 4.9%. With a margin of error less than 5%, the findings from the report are statistically representative of the global developer population.