North American AI Developers Lead the World Working with Foundation Models

サンタクルーズ カリフォルニア エバンスデータ社の最新レポート「世界の開発者調査」によると、組込み式のAIプロジェクトやAIコンポーネントをアプリに取り込んでいる開発者が北米で52%であることが明らかに。

North American AI Developers Lead the World Working with Foundation Models
Santa Cruz, CALIF. (April 25, 2023) – According to Evans Data Corp.’s recently released Global Development Survey report, 52% of North American developers who are working on AI projects are embedding models and AI components into their apps. This is a much higher adoption rate than seen in the APAC region (34%), EMEA (37%) or Latin America (38%). In addition, the rate of AI developers in North America who are leveraging AI algorithms to build models and components is similarly high, with 54% reporting that they engage with this – again much higher than in other parts of the world.

The survey, which was fielded this spring in six languages worldwide across four regions and in all major countries, examined AI development along with Cloud, Edge, Quantum, and other new technologies that are shaping the industry. With interest in AI and foundation models at a peak, developers are embracing generational AI around the world, but the hot bed of activity centers on the U.S.

“There’s an enormous appetite for incorporating AI into apps amongst developers especially in North America,” said Janel Garvin, Evans Data Corp. CEO, “and we’re seeing that they’re often only held back by the physical constraints of their hardware. In this survey the prime barriers mentioned by developers involved hardware accelerators and infrastructure. Only one in five cited a lack of interest or need in AI.”